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We believe that skicross is the most challenging alpine sport
requiring diverse physical and mental skills






Find out how to get coaching from leading ski cross specialists. From choosing the right skis to development of the Olympic training strategy, we provide advisory and learning materials to all registered members.


Extend your training skills with free online seminars. Get certified for SX 1000 – SX 5000 levels and be recognized as an advanced speciality coach. Learn about qualification requirements and receive updates about upcoming certification workshops.


Now is the best time to join our growing true sports family. Ski cross is the new generation of alpine sports. Packed with action, never boring and most spectacular Olympic discipline. Sign up for our membership and become part of our tribe today.


Become a home for the national ski cross. Take advantage of the investment capital allocation for the infrastructure development. Spring up new racing team or expand on the existing club programs. Ski cross in the United States falls behind the adoption trend of a progressive alpine racing ecosystems in Europe. Leverage this opportunity to get ahead of your local peers now.


Become part of the core team dedicated to USA world leadership in ski cross. Get involved as a founding partner that shares our ambitious goals and make an impact on the national achievements in this new Olympic sport. Your professional expertise can help us excel in growing outstanding athletes. We are looking forward to connecting with you.


Organize USSX events in your area. We will help you with event planning from building a course to lodging attending teams. You can get involved with ski cross right now. Generate media attention, bring in new alpine sports enthusiasts and explore the potential of spectator events on your home turf.

We are looking for a partner resort interested in becoming the National capital of Ski Cross

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    USSX Academy

    Next generation SX training facility

    USSX Center

    • SX Academy – athletes and coaches training facilities
    • Dormitory for athletes in residence
    • Training slope and SX course
    • Dry land training ground and rollerblade SX hill
    • Logistics and equipment storage warehouse

    USSX Events

    • Yea-round training programs
    • SX commutations
    • Coaches, judges and SX officials training
    • Anual SX conference


    Become Part of Our New Alpine Family.

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