Accelerate your professional sports career

Reality check: Have you been competing in alpine sports for several years? Do you want a new level of racing experience? Do you have a strong desire to progress into the next level and open new opportunities for winning? These are the key qualities of the ski cross. You are a good fit for USSX.
We introduce a new approach to professional sports,  a new way of life and new potentials for the new generation of  ski cross athletes. Slope clinics, seminars, competitions, video lessons, on-demand advice from experts. Our comprehensive coaching resources will assist every step of your development.
At USSX you will find programs for dry land training and other supplemental exercises that will get you prepared for the challenging ski cross landscape. WC athletes can get personalized training plan designed specifically for achieving world-class performance. We hope that besides newness and spectacular performance factors, ski cross will offer you an opportunity to reach your professional sports career objective.