Yellow Level Coach Training
Winter 2016/2017

Seminar Slide Deck

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Topics covered in Yellow level certification course:

  • Introduction to ski cross and USSX training program. The main objectives in ski cross development. Ski cross safety. Fundamentals of human body kinetics. Concepts of the main position.
  • Theory of modern turn.Yellow level Step-by-step athletes training system. Special exercises and training schedules. Winter training program. Psychological aspects of the effective club environment.
  • Questions and answers on the organization of the training process.
  •  Practical training on Day 1 material of the main ski cross position. Special exercises for training turns in ski cross.
  • Terrain features for the Yellow level. Theory of effective overcoming of the obstacles.  The movement on the features. Courses for Yellow level competitions.
  • Practical  overcoming a ski cross features. Special exercises for training to overcome ski cross features.
  • Summer training program for ski cross athletes. The main line of training process. On what to focus your attention. Tests  and their processing.
  • Testing according to the program of training of Yellow level. Test will include material covered in the seminar: turn technique, feature overcoming technique, summer training. Open books and reference materials allowed.