Take your part in national ski cross development

Dear colleagues and those who only plan to become part of our ski cross family. I think it would be unnecessary to say that ski cross is attracting lots of attention from professional alpine ski athletes. This is all about human nature and our desire to explore. Ski cross brings an exciting new challenge, opening potential to grow and to claim the leadership.

Now you have the opportunity to build your competency and specialize in this new Olympic alpine sports discipline. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified ski cross coaching talent, and USSX heads the initiative to overcome this.  We plan to train and certify coaches, arrange initial job placement with participating clubs, provide recommendations and collaborate with the coaches locally. Become one of the first ski cross coaches and make your mark in the history of United States ski cross development.

USSX coach training program levels:


SX1000 clinic contains foundational information on the rules of ski cross, course building for  entry-level athlete training, basic techniques for turning and overcoming obstacles and framework for young children pre-conditioning for ski cross. Training duration: 3 days. (Available Now)

SX 2000

SX2000 clinic is designed for the coaches of athletes who take part in both regional and national level competitions. Participants get acquainted with the most effective methods for off-season training. Program for specialized summer training is provided including physical and technical exercises in the absence of snow. Training duration: 3 days.

SX 3000

SX3000 clinic is designed for the coaches training older age groups, club managers and organizers of the competition. It contains framework for athletes performing at the FIS competition level. Specific attention is dedicated to individual training program planning and psychological training. Clinic also covers issues concerning safe course building under FIS guidelines and organizational logistics for regional and national level competition. Training duration: 3 days.

SX 4000

SX4000 clinic is designed for the experienced, advanced level coaches, training athletes for top performances in FIS competitions. Program contains information modules covering safety, paperwork and applications, forum and Q&A, long term training programs, program customization to adopt to the individual physical and psychological traits. Training duration: 3 days.

SX 5000

SX5000 clinic is designed for top national coaches training world teams. This program contains an overview of the leading trends and future developments of ski cross. The competitive readiness of athletes. Advanced technical exercises for slope and off-season training. Training duration: 2 days.

To participate in the SX 1000 clinic you need an introductory USSX workshop or have a certificate of completion for USSA 100 (or higher). To participate in each subsequent clinic a certificate of completion of the previous level is required. To participate in SX 4000 and SX 5000 we ask for letters of recommendation and/or publications relevant to the development of the ski cross.

We are offering SX 1000 clinic right now and will train your coaches on-site (at your location). If you are interested to get started with ski cross, this clinic is an essential foundation to set the right course for future development.