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Question: I often hear about “NEW TURNING TECHNIQUE”. What is it and how does it differ from how the most athletes ski?

Answer: For more than 8 years there is a so-called “NEW TECHNIQUE” of the turn. Almost all world leading athletes use this technique to achieve the best results. For a ski cross, this method of turning is the main one.

It solves the following problems:

The distribution of the weight of the athlete along the entire length of the ski, which allows you to ski
parallel throughout the entire arc and optimally use the entire length of the ski for the best slip.
Solves the problem of excessive strain on the lateral muscles of the body and back muscles.
Significantly reduces the time of transition from one arc to another.
It allows you to react much faster to the need to adjust the radius of the arc.
It allows to significantly increase the stability and steadiness when on the ski cross course due to the wider setting of skis and the position of the back while passing the obstacles.
The main difference between the “new turning technique” and “old” is the position of the center of gravity above the skis (see figure) and the absence of unloading of the skis between the turns. The change of the turning radius does not occur due to the edge angle of the skis and the pressure on the front part of the boots but due to the pressure downwards on the ball of the foot. (Figure) For more details on this technique, see our website

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