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Here we publish the secrets of the ski cross, answers to your questions, and the news of ski cross of USA.

Question: I am 16 years old and I engaged in alpine skiing for years. I understand that I can not reach the Olympic level. Do you think I should try myself in ski cross?

Answer: Ski cross is a very technique and intelligent sport. Here you can achieve success even if you have a small weight but a good speed of reaction  and thoughtful tactics. But you must understand that ski cross is the new level of skiing! It is not enough to know the GS technique and have strong legs and back. In the ski cross, it is perhaps even less than half of the technique of the athlete. It is necessary to pay special attention to the technique of overcoming various obstacles, the technique of skiing next to other athletes on the course, the technique of correct start and the modern turn. The turning technique in the ski cross has requirements similar to the GS, but more demanding in relation to the width of the skis and the center of gravity.

Given all this, we can conclude that it is possible to achieve a high result in the ski cross even at your age. And since the ski cross is a pretty young sport, the competition is not so high and the chances for success are much greater than in Alpine.

We recommend that you find a good ski cross coach or sign up for a “USSX Virtual coach” program, and read the yellow level training program at

And of course, start taking part in the USASA ski cross competition series.

We wish you good luck and hope to see you in the national team.

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