USSX offers a unique opportunity to have your personal ski cross coach, no matter where you located! Lack of local coaching resources is a common problem we hear about from ski cross athletes all over the country. For those lucky that do have specialised training within reach, high training cost becomes a limiting factor. We want to provide an alternative solution and give our best expert advice and tools to anyone serious about growing ski cross skills.

Depending ou the base level, each participating athlete receives an individual training program, containing a set of exercises with pictures and videos. Athlete produces a biweekly report stating her performance indicators and forwards it to the assigned coach who analyzes the data and makes necessary adjustments to the program. This recurrent feedback provides an effective way to maximize skill development speed without sacrificing on safety.

Virtual Coach contains both summer and winter training programs for athletes of all ages, available year-round, anywhere in the world.

Virtual Coach gives me all information I need to advance in my training.

Semyon Denschikov -Red Level-



$ 1500

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$ 2000

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$ 3000

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